The 4th of July

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One of my favorite holidays.

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We celebrate Freedom.

One of the foundations of our country was to establish freedom of religion.

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We are free to worship.

If you believe in the God who created us, you are commanded to worship.

“You shall worship the Lord your God
    and him only shall you serve.” (matt. 5:10)

This has been something God has been speaking to me about. The God who created us and then died for us asks us to worship Him and Him alone.

“You shall have no other gods before me”(ex. 20:3)

Let’s break this down. What you create belongs to you, right? If you write a book, it’s yours. If you draw a picture, it’s yours. If you paint a masterpiece, it’s yours. If you make a sammich, it’s yours.

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You are free to give it away, to sell it, to keep it for yourself, but whatever you decide it’s totally your choice because you created it and so you have ownership of whatever it is. (allow me to clarify that children are not ours in this way, because while they come from us, they are created by God)

God created us. We are His.

What does He ask of us? What do we owe Him?

If you think life isn’t gift enough, He went ahead and died for you as well.

Salvation given, bought with His death.

What does He ask of us? What do we owe Him?

 “And now, Israel, what does the Lord your God require of you? He requires only that you fear the Lord your God, and live in a way that pleases him, and love him and serve him with all your heart and soul. And you must always obey the Lord’s commands and decrees that I am giving you today for your own good.” (deut. 10:12-13)

He wants our worship.

In America we are free to worship Him.

So are you?

There’s this song my friend Kathy introduced me to that God brought to my heart this week.

“We can sing all we want to, and still get it wrong; worship is more than a song”

Idols are a big deal. We sometimes think we are off the hook because we don’t bow down to statues today.

“Anything I put before my God is an idol
Anything I want with all my heart is an idol
Anything I can’t stop thinking of is an idol
Anything that I give all my love is an idol”

Is there something in your life that you can’t stop thinking about? Is there something that you want so bad you will work endlessly for it? Is there anything you worry about constantly?


God asks for our worship. He demands the number one spot in our heart and our minds. and our souls. even our strength.

If you are not giving that to Him, you are worshiping an idol.

“Take a break from all the plans that you have made
And sit at home alone and wait for God to whisper
Beg him please to open up his mouth and speak
And pray for real upon your knees until they blister
Shine the light on every corner of your life
Until the pride and lust and lies are in the open
Then read the Word and put to test the things you’ve heard
Until your heart and soul are stirred and rocked and broken”

Do whatever is necessary to tear down the idols in your life and put God first. in everything.

That is what the God who gave us everything asks of us. Everything.

And you have the freedom to do that.




(song:Clear the stage-Jimmy Needham)


Published by: Monicayo

I am just a single girl who loves God. Like a lot. My goal is live dangerously. I want to let go of my inhibitions, fears, and anything that will hold me back from living out God's amazing plan for my life. Pretty much just winging it each day, but that is all part of the adventure.

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